UFS continues to pay full penalty rates for its staff, despite the fourth round of cuts to Sunday and public holiday penalty rates being introduced on 1 July, 2020.

UFS Dispensaries Ltd CEO Ms Lynne McLennan said that the unanimous decision by the UFS Board of Directors three years ago to continue to pay penalty rates to staff reflected an acknowledgement that employees are often sacrificing time with their families to staff our pharmacies on Sundays and public holidays.

Ms McLennan added “UFS is committed to supporting and investing in its people, and this commitment is demonstrated in this decision. It’s a recognition that the majority of workers dependent on weekend rates are women and are typically from households where income is $60,000 or less. The majority of the workforce does not work on Sundays or public holidays and as a community, we still view Sundays as a day for rest, relaxation and socializing. Our staff working on Sundays are forgoing this opportunity.”