UFS is an abbreviation for United Friendly Societies.

UFS Dispensaries is a not-for-profit, community based organisation running twenty pharmacies (including three Melbourne based pharmacies), three Medical Centres, a specialty gift shop Cherub Gifts, a day spa & well-being centre Peace & Quiet, throughout Western Victoria, Australia.

Who we are
UFS is run by an elected Board of Directors and is owned by its members. While the business must be economically sound, profit is not the major objective. UFS exists to provide benefits to its members.

The income UFS generates is directed back to members in the form of attractive discounts, modern facilities and member services. A 20% discount is offered to members all year round (excludes prescriptions, boutique cosmetics, hire services and community benefit items sold at cost).

Friendly Pharmacy (Victoria) Ltd
Friendly Pharmacy (Victoria) Ltd (FPV) are a community-owned, not-for-profit, mutual organisation consisting of three pharmacies in inner-northern Melbourne. The three pharmacies are located in Coburg, Coburg North and Coburg Village. The pharmacies operate under the UFS Pharmacy banner.

UFS Dispensaries Ltd was awarded the management contract for FPV in February 2011.