Communities of Respect & Equality (CoRE)

UFS is proud to be a member of Communities of Respect & Equality (CoRE). CoRE is committed to taking action to end violence against women and children in the Grampians region.

Women’s Health Grampians also runs the Multilingual Health Education project, which provides health information to migrant and refugee women in their community language or in plain English. More information here.

Australian Unity

UFS partners with organisations whose values align with our own and we are delighted to partner with Australian Unity to offer UFS members discounted health insurance. Conditions apply.

Australian Unity is also a mutual organisation, whose heritage goes back more than 175 years to the establishment of Manchester Unity in Victoria and South Australia on 7 December 1840. They trace their origins to a pub in Melbourne where a group of eight people formed a friendly society with the goal of looking after the health and wellbeing of its members. Australian Unity now employs more than 7,500 people. Despite this growth, their focus is the same as it was more than 175 years ago: to serve and enhance the wellbeing of their members, customers and the community. Click here for more information about the discounted health insurance offer for UFS members.