Staff & Administration

Executive Services
Chief Executive Officer: Ms Lynne McLennan B.Sc M.B.A
Executive Assistant: Mrs Mariska Pelchen

Operations Manager, Pharmacy: Mr Tony Diamond Dip.Mgt
Operations Manager, Primary Care: Talei Deacon BSc. (Biomed) Grad.Dip(HSM)
Operations Coordinator: Mrs Dianne Chillingsworth Adv.Dip.Bus.HR
Deputy Operations Manager-Pharmacy Advisor: Mr Peter Fell B.Pharm. J.P.
Operations Administration Assistant: Ms Philippa Dodd

Purchasing and Logistics Manager: Mr Greg Harbridge B.App.Sc (Tex.Chem)
Product Manager: Mr Jason Rossi B.Bus (Marketing), B.Spt.Mgt
Product Manager: Ms Karyn Cody
Product Manager: Mrs Angela Lawler Adv.Dip.Bus.Mgt
Purchasing Officer: Mr Jason Stevens
Purchasing Administration Officer: Mrs Marie Loader
Purchasing Administration Officer: Mrs Pam Moller

Marketing & Membership
Marketing & Business Development Manager: Ms Heather Taylor B.Bus
Business Development Project Manager: Ms Samantha Elshaug B.Mgt (Marketing) Dip.Proj.Mgt GAICD
Marketing Officer: Mrs Amy Glover
Marketing Officer: Meg Scanlon BDes
Graphic Designer: Mr Paolo Tami BDes, MCM

Employee Services
Employee Services Manager: Ms Jodie Kennedy B.A, Adv.Dip.Mgt
Employee Services Officer: Ms Tania Lund Adv.Dip.Mgt
Employee Services Officer: Miss Leisel Oliver
Employee Services and Operations Officer: Ms Melina Scobie

Finance Manager: Ms Julie Hawkins B.Bus.Acc C.P.A Grad.Dip.Ed
Financial Accountant: Sashi Wijesinghe
Business Analyst and Finance Team Leader: Mr Angus Diamond
Payroll Coordinator: Ms Verity Savage
Accounting Assistant: Ms Janeen Smith
Accounting Assistant: Ms Kerri Bates
Accounting Assistant: Leeona McGuane 

Information Technology
Systems Improvement Officer: Mr Mark Thornton B.Comp Dip.Proj.Mgt Dip.Sus
IT Support Officer: Ms Anusha Raveendran, B.IT
IT Support Officer: Aaron Grundy B.IT

Facilities & Administration Manager: Mr Chris Martin B.Bus Dip.Proj.Mgt Dip.Sus
Receptionist: Michelle Dooley