If you are concerned that you may have contracted Coronavirus, there are some simple self-assessment tools provided by the Victorian Department of Health, see below. Alternatively, call the Coronavirus Hotline on 1800 675 398 (24 hours).

It is important that you DO NOT present to a GP or pharmacy without a pre-arranged appointment if you are experiencing symptoms.

In summary:

In Australia, the people most at risk of getting the virus are:

  • those who have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19
  • people in group residential settings

People who are more at risk of serious illness if they get the virus are:

  • people with compromised immune systems (eg. cancer)
  • elderly people
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as they have higher rates of chronic illness
  • people with chronic medical conditions
  • people in group residential settings
  • very young children and babies*

Visit the Australian Department of Health for further information.