Visiting our pharmacies

With COVID-19 now an ongoing part of our lives, the safety and wellbeing of our customers, teams and communities remains our first priority. Each UFS store has measures in place to ensure you feel comfortable visiting our pharmacies for your prescription medication, advice from our pharmacists, or for your healthcare or personal care products. These measures include

  • Advising customers with any respiratory symptoms, or those waiting for a COVID-19 test or test results, or those who have been directed to self-isolate, not to enter the store
  • Sanitising hands on entering any UFS premises with the touch-free sanitiser provided is a condition of entry
  • Frequent cleaning of high touch surfaces, including pens, eftpos keypads, etc.
  • Hygiene screens installed at counters to provide an extra level of protection

If you would prefer not to be out and about at the moment, we are still here for you with the following options:

Home Delivery

Call your local UFS Pharmacy to place your order. A small delivery fee may apply – click here for more details.

Skip the queue for your medication

Pre-ordering your medication using the MedAdvisor app is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent in the pharmacy waiting for your prescription. Speak to our pharmacy staff about downloading this app.

Scripts on File

If you don’t have a smartphone, keeping your scripts on file at the pharmacy is the next best option to using the MedAdvisor app. Speak to our pharmacy staff for details.


  • There is no need to stockpile medications. Prescription medication should only be filled in line with your normal requirements.
  • If you are a UFS customer who is self-isolating, we are happy to arrange delivery of your medication and any other pharmacy items. Please phone your regular UFS pharmacy. Click here for more information

Thank you for your understanding as we work to protect the health and safety of our teams, customers and the community.