Calm Is A Superpower. Learn How

Learn simple but powerful breathing and movement techniques that improve physical health and mental well-being. This program is ideal if you have a chronic health condition or are feeling stressed, anxious, run down or have simply forgotten how to relax!

This practical weekend program will teach you:

  • Breathing skills to help manage your health and increase vitality
  • Techniques to calm the body and mind
  • Ways to relieve emotional stress and improve mental focus

This innovative complementary health program was developed by leading psychiatrists Dr Richard Brown and Dr Patricia Gerbarg. It is increasingly being adopted in healthcare settings in the US as a complementary and evidence-based approach to treating many physical and mental health conditions. The program has produced significant results for participants who have experienced stressful life events.

The course is run by Dr Lisa Ciechomski and Mr Lachie McLeod. Lisa is an experienced psychologist, yoga instructor and Breath Body Mind teacher. Lachie is a kinesiologist, qigong instructor and a Breath Body Mind teacher. Whilst there are some movements taught, these are very simple and are suitable for all levels of fitness.

Program Dates: Saturday 5 October (9am-4:30pm) and
Sunday 6 October (9am-1pm)
Ballarat Location

To register your interest or for more information please call 5327 7777 or email

Cost is $220 or $198 for UFS Members.