A common complaint about probiotics is that they need to be refrigerated. Probiotics must be “live” for them to work effectively, requiring specific storage conditions that can protect them from temperature fluctuations and moisture. Activ-Vial technology is an innovative way to insulate the vitamins in a double-walled bottle. This traps moisture, reduces light and insulates the probiotic.

The new range includes:

  • Inner Health Plus Double Strength 30 & 60 Caps
  • Inner Health IBS Control 30 Caps
  • Inner Health Digestive Defence 20 Caps
  • Inner Health Plus Baby & Kids 60g
  • Inner Health Eczema Shield Kids 60g
  • Inner Health Eczema Shield 30 Caps
  • Inner Health Daily Immune 20 Caps
  • Inner Health Candex 30 Caps
  • Inner Health Probiotic + D 30 Caps
  • Inner Health Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 30 Caps

Stock varies between stores, however customer orders are available company wide. Speak to your local UFS Pharmacy today.