Sleep is essential to health. However, with such busy lifestyles, many people have great difficulty in winding down at the end of the day in readiness for a good night’s sleep. The result may be difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep or poor quality sleep, and then waking unrefreshed as a consequence.

With understanding the key factors for achieving a readiness for good sleep, natural medicine can provide herbs and nutrients to relax the mind and body, and subsequently achieve healthy sleep. Ethical Nutrients Mega Magnesium Night powder uses the power of magnesium, passionflower and glycine to aid muscle and brain relaxation, helping to wind you down at the end of a long day and assist in a rejuvenating sleep. This natural alternative comes without the lingering sedation, tolerance and dependence that is frequently reported with the use of some sleep aids.

Mega Magnesium Night is available at all UFS pharmacies, so speak to your local UFS Pharmacist or Pharmacy Assistant about it today.