Protect yourself and your loved ones with the flu vaccine.

The 2023 flu season has arrived

We’ve seen an increase in hospitalisations this year due to influenza, as the flu can make you seriously unwell. Being vaccinated with this year’s flu vaccine is your best protection and we’re encouraging anyone over the age of six months of age to be vaccinated.

Getting your flu shot at a UFS Pharmacy

  • The flu injection is administered by an immunisation accredited pharmacist or nurse
  • Your national immunisation record for vaccinations received at a UFS pharmacy will be updated in the same way it would be if you received the vaccination by a GP
  • While children between the ages of 10 – 16 years are able to receive the flu vaccination at a UFS pharmacy, we recommend that anxious children between these ages receive the vaccine by a GP. Children up to the age of 10 years need to visit their GP for the vaccine. Click here for information on flu vaccinations at UFS Medical for children
  • To book an appointment to receive the flu vaccination, please use the links below.
  • If you’ve recently had COVID, you can still safely receive the flu vaccination, as long as you no longer have symptoms.
  • The vaccines used at UFS are quadrivalent vaccines, to protect against four different flu viruses.
  • Cost is $25, or $20 for UFS members.
  • For patients eligible for the NIP flu vaccine, the cost for having this administered is $25 or $20 for UFS members. To check eligibility for an  NIP vaccine please click here.

Important information about the flu vaccine

  • The flu shot changes every year to match different strains of the flu that are circulating. Even if you had the flu shot last year, it’s important that you get it every year to make sure you’re protected for when flu season hits.
  • The flu shot is 100% safe. Like all vaccines in Australia, the flu vaccine goes through strict testing by the Therapeutic Goods Association (TGA) prior to being approved.
  • The vaccine doesn’t contain any live virus, so it won’t make you sick with the flu.
  • Optimal protection against influenza occurs in the first three to four months following vaccination, so it’s advisable to receive your vaccination any time from April onwards.
  • If you’ve recently had a COVID vaccine, this won’t protect you against the flu. The influenza shot is your best protection against the flu virus.
  • Think you’re fit and healthy and never get the flu? The flu doesn’t discriminate, anyone can get the flu, and become seriously unwell, including young children. The flu is spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes that contain the flu virus and can live on any surface for almost 48 hours. Your best possible protection is with the flu shot.
  • Having the flu vaccine means you won’t contribute to spreading it to vulnerable people around you (your family, your friends and work mates).
  • It’s possible to contract COVID and influenza at the same time – yet another reason to make sure you’re vaccinated against both viruses!

Children 10 years of age and over can be vaccinated at a UFS pharmacy – children under the age of 10 need to be vaccinated by a GP.

For information on receiving the flu vaccine at UFS Medical practices, click here.