24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring Available

If your GP has suggested 24 hour blood pressure monitoring, selected UFS Pharmacies offer a less disruptive and much more comfortable way of monitoring your blood pressure over a 24 hour period.  BPro is a small wrist-worn device that captures your arterial pulse wave data and converts the data into 24-hour ABPM readings.

The BPro is:
• light weight, comfortable, and easy to use
• cuffless
• non-disruptive as it does not require regular inflation (so won’t interrupt your sleep)
• TGA approved
• AAMI/ESH/BHS certified
• clinically validated

If your GP has specifically recommended a Holter monitor, please discuss the option of the BPro with your GP.

The BPro captures arterial pulse wave data at 15 minute intervals over a 24-hour period. At the end of that period, the data captured by BPro will be transmitted to software which generates a report.

The report sets out various blood pressure indices, including:

• Mean arterial pressure
• 24-hour (brachial) blood pressure readings presented in graph format
• Central arterial pressure
• A composite arterial pulse waveform

The fee for this service, which includes a consultation with a pharmacist to interpret the results and to provide a copy of the results to you and your GP (or other doctor) is $59.95 for non members, or $47.96 for UFS members.

This service is available at the following UFS pharmacies: